Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Migraines, tension headaches, or something else?

So I went to the doctor today and they have no idea why I am getting these "headaches". He says that my headaches don't fit the exact profile of a migraine because thay don't typically come on only one side and I get no type of aura's (flashes of light or spots that sometimes a precursor to migraine attacks). He also said that they don't sound like tension headaches because tension headaches don't usually come with nausea and light and sound sensitivity.

He did say that it could be a combination of both but he finds this unlikely since I have no personal or family history of either.

he did give me migraine and tension headache meds though and he wants me to try them for no longer then one week. Then if they don't work after the week is up he wants me to come in for an MRI to make sure I don't have any anomalies like a tumor, but not to worry. I mean come on, who's not going to worry when a doctor says to you come back in a week and we'll make sure you don't have a brain tumor? What kind of crap is that?

As for the meds I tried them tonight and they are definitely a no go. They tension headache meds did nothing while the migraine meds made me feel worse. So I don't think I'll even wait the week if this keeps up.

I just hope they find something that works. I'm sure I don't have a brain tumor, but it is still scary. Why do docs always have to make you so nervous?


  1. geez, doctors... sending a prayer up for you anyway.

  2. Does your neck hurt at all?? or is it just around your head?

    It could be hormonal headaches..or your neck could need to be adjusted. Try a chiropractor. They can really help!

  3. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best?

    Sometimes drs are great at making you feel better physically, but making you feel worse emotionally.

    Feel better soon! Many prayers your way!

  4. My neck does hurt when I get a "migrine", hmm maybe I'll try it.

    Thanks for a ll your well wishes guys, I'm sure everything eill be fine.

    I tried taking benadr*l today, just incase it was alergies but it didn't help. I'll probably schedule an MRI for sometime next week. Just to put my mind at rest.

    On a positive note, doing an MRI will use up deductable so I can go ahead with the HSG.

  5. OOOO, thank God for little miracles! HSG (BIG YAYS!!!)

  6. It's too late for this cycle, but next cycle it's on, lol.