Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My love list

Ok sorry for the cheese factor here, but I am going to post my list of things I love, big and small to remind me (when I get crazy and stressed out during my 2ww this month) about how I have it good.

Ok here goes, in no particular order...

My dogs
My brothers and sisters
My Mum
My Dad
My Step dad
My new house
To cook
To garden
My TV shows
Video games
Stand up (funny ones anyway)
My best friends Courtney and Mary
My extended family
My Nanny (Grandmother)
Salt and vinegar potato chips
chocolate (especially orange)
The smell of vanilla
Warm towels
My IPhone
My fireplace
Crossword puzzles
Sunday dinners
My in-laws
Making artwork
Spring weather
Peking duck
Playing board games
A great book
A great movie

to be continued

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