Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas, bah humbug

I hate to say it, but I don't really think that I will enjoy Christmas this year. I could have gone home to Britain and had a great time but financially it would not have been a good idea. So instead I got roped into working. Dh has to work too.

I understand why it always seems to be us working on the holidays, we are the only one without kids. Usually this doesn't bother me, usually I understand. This year however, I guess it just feels like we are being ripped off. I mean it's not our fault that we don't have children.

I guess I am just feeling a little sorry for myself right now. Hopefully it will pass and I'll just enjoy the day, work or not.


  1. I know how you feel, Sarah. All the years I worked as a nurse, I was always expected to work the holidays because I was single or married without children. It always made me angry because I still had a life and a family and deserved to enjoy the holiday just like everyone else. I'm sorry you and DH have to work but I trust you will make the best of it. Here's to hoping we're both pregnant or having our newborns in our arms next year for Christmas!

  2. It sucks to not be able to be home for the holidays. I can relate, my family is overseas too. Maybe working will get your mind of not having children. I am not sure what is worse, working or being around 10 running, yelling, crying, screaming kids, ages 2 months to 9 years.