Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CM, CP, and Oing...oh my

So for the last few cycles I have not checked my CM or CP at all. I have been marking down my average O date and then using the day AF arrives to confirm it. So far it has worked out pretty well actually. I always seem to expect AF to arrive on the right date. It seems that I am am pretty regular CD17 Oer.

So why now that I am actually somewhat paying attention am I finding this difficult again? Is it just that I am trying to make this cycle fit into the mold I think I fit in? Or am I misreading the signs because I am trying too hard?

Not that it really matters anyway, i am sure. This is, in all likelihood, an exercise in futility. What really gets me though is how something can be so clear when you don't care about it and so confusing when you do.

Arg, I really didn't miss this. Just relax, stop worrying, and go with the flow.

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