Friday, December 4, 2009


So this cycle I am supposed to begin getting myself tested. I will do my progesterone test on CD21, I also could do my FSH test on CD3 but I am still under the weather and don't really feel up to it today.

My doc did suggest that I could also do a HSG on CD8 of next month. Actually I am not sure if she would still be interested in doing it since we got the azoospermic diagnosis. Maybe I should put it off a few months so that DH's sperm count can increase in the mean time, as I hear it increases your chances after you have it done.

I am not really that nervous about getting tested myself. So far everything with me has seemed pretty normal. My cycles are practically like clockwork. I O on CD17 almost every month and my LP is always 13-14 days long. No spotting between cycles, pretty text book really. I think I had one cycle a few months back where I didn't O but everyone has one like that every once in a while. Even so DH's doc wants me to get tested. I imagine this is so if we have to have any kind of IF treatments later we don't have to put them on hold so that I can get treated for anything I might need to be.

I have found more women that are in similar situations to me and my DH. There stories all vary a lot. Some women are on the same medicines but different doses, some are on different medications completely, and some went strait into the surgery options. It's weird because when we spoke to the doc he seemed to be so confident, like we had nothing in the world to worry about. But these women are all struggling. He lead us to believe that within 3-6 months that we would practically be done but that was not the case for these other women at all. Some of them never got their DH's to get a normal SA or even close. One of them had to resort to a TESE and IVF/ICSI. It's just scary, I left the office with so much hope and it just seems to be dwindling now.

I haven't mentioned any of this to my DH. I don't want him to feel hopeless, especially when it's him who has to go through of of these painful injections. He is my hero at the moment and I don't want to do anything to discourage him.


  1. Have you heard any positive stories from the other ladies? You never know - I wouldn't lose hope yet.

  2. Hey there stranger, I have been checking your blog periodically to see if you have any more posts.

    There are success stories. There was one women who had pretty much exactly the same situation as us and the same doctor and she eventually have a successfull pg.

    I am trying not to lose hope, I am actually more hopeful then I sound. I am just "worried".

  3. I'm from the BBC TTC or PG at 29 group...I will be hoping that you get a great Christmas present of a really high count. :) You have the right attitude and just need to stay you said there are so many stories of couples who suddenly get pregnant with NO help! I will keep following your journey and sending positive thoughts your way!

  4. Thanks Erin, I really appreciate that. That is so sweet of you. You should join us on the Dec convo thread on ttc or pg at 29, I know we would all love to chat with you.

  5. Yeah I've been very very slowly getting back in the TTC groove:). I'm finally with it again. I've been reading all your blogs though. For awhile it wouldn't let me leave a comment!