Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Change of plans

So we are moving forward on the house. We signed the contracts last week and I did the walk-through today. There was really very little wrong with the house, just a few scraped walls and some clean up issues, nothing that couldn't be easily fixed. I am going back tomorrow with blue painters tape to mark off any area's that I see paint chips or just places that need touch ups.

I went shopping for furniture today as well so that is always fun. I found a really nice bedroom set that honestly has enough furniture to fill the master and provide some for the guest bedroom. I can't wait to get shopping for real next week!

Now on to ttc news...

We have an appointment with Dr. L in about two weeks to see where DH's sperm levels are. I am super nervous about this appointment because it will be at the four month mark. Dr. L said that we should be on track anywhere from 3-6 months so this should be a really good indicator of where we are and where we will get.

Also I can't remember if I had mentioned it previously but we had decided to put ttcing on hold for this cycle and next no matter what the SA results where. This month is already super stressful with the new house and the move so it wouldn't exactly be an ideal time to find out I was pregnant. Then if I got pregnant the next month we would have a December baby and DH and I thought that we would rather just wait if we had the choice. So here is where life gets in the way of good planning, lol. I called the pharmacy yesterday no refill DH's presciption and the nurse tells me that they are no longer carrying the generic hcg. The company that they get it from was out of it and they decided that the name brand company was more reliable.

So ok I can understand this logic but the name brand one is much more expensive and comes with only three weeks worth of medicine. So since the medication is now going to cost a hack of a lot more then we previously thought giving up two cycles doesn't sound as smart as it once did.

Unfortunately for me it is slightly late this cycle to realize that. I will be Oing tomorrow. We are going to give a a good college try tomorrow but I highly doubt that someone who more then likely has a pretty low count would succeed with just one try.

SO I guess that after our appointment in two weeks then we can reevaluate whether or not we are going to try and skip March or not.

For now though I am feeling really good. I love our house and I can't wait to move in!


  1. How exciting! A new house and lots of ways to fill it with. I remember your pictures you posted earlier and it is a wonderful home. Congrats!

  2. OMG. I am SO excited for you. That house is GORGEOUS, and I know you will have a great time decorating it.

    Good luck with the SA. I will def be checking in to hear the results.

  3. Thanks guys, it is really exciting but really stressful, lol. I can't wait to close so that all the paperwork stuff is out of the way.

    I will definitely keep you updated on the results of the SA.

  4. Infertility is such a hard journey, it has it's up and it's's a path that God only trust with certain people...

    I'm praying for you through this journey. My husband and I have also been TTC (4 years next month), infertility is a huge part of our lives, it does not define us, but it's def. changed us for the better!

    Please know your in my thoughts and prayers and I am an email away if you need to talk.