Friday, February 5, 2010


So we are putting in a bid on our first house tomorrow. I am so nervous and excited! I can't wait to find out if this is going to be my home. I just LOVE this house, this is the biggest thing we have done since getting married and I couldn't sleep before that night either, lol.

Other then that the only other thing on my mind is my insurance company. After being charged an unexpected $750 for DH's MRI. I should add here that it was called our deductible, plus various other fees. I called the insurance company to make sure that my HSG was covered. They assured me that it was in fact covered at 100% and all I should have to pay for is my $30 specialist co pay. Ok so mind at rest right? Wrong! I got a call two days ago from the doctor explaining to me that according to our insurance company we will have to pay our deductible again (DH's MRI fell under last years deductible) and they will only pay 80/20 of the remaining amount. Since the total charge for the HSG is about $1000, that means about another $750 for us to pay, WTF??? I am so sick of our insurance company! I have never heard of anyone else having to pay anywhere near that much for a simple test! It sucks, if we have to pay that much I just wont do it. We have so much going on financially with this house and DH's medicine that I will simply have to forget about it! GRRRR

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