Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am feeling strange, I didn't even know what to call this blog because I can't really put my finger on it. Maybe my hormones are raging a little more then usual but I am just feeling really overly emotional today. I keep feeling like I want to cry all of a sudden but I really have no reason why. Or maybe the reason is just bubbling under the surface, I'm not sure.

At the same time my body keeps feeling like I am craving something but I'm not sure what it is. Ever get that feeling, where you know you need something but you can't quite place it? I keep drinking in case I'm dehydrated or trying different things to it, but nothing quite fits.

I got a migraine today, my first one in a few months. I don't get them often but if I do it's usually on the day I get AF so I imagine it's a hormones thing.

Maybe I just got an extra boost of them today for some reason. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow.

Btw, I am on the second day of AF's visit so no way these are "symptoms" or anything like that, lol.

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