Monday, March 29, 2010

Doesn't count

I am so upset with my DH right now. I just feel like he is being totally insensitive. I have been kind of emotional today (I suppose that means AF is right around the corner) and he is being such a jerk. I told him that I have watched 23 people get pregnant while we have been "trying" and he said that "it doesn't really count". I was flabergasted, I mean why would it not count? He said that because we didn't have any sperm that none of this last year counted because we have been trying with no chance of success. That this is the first month that really counts at all. He thinks that I am just being "negative".

I feel like putting it that way just discounts all of the pain I have been through so far. Like I haven't really gone through anything at all because it didn't even count.

I am just so upset right now. Am I overreacting here?


  1. Ummm...of course it counts. You were "trying" to get counts.
    We "tried" for 2 years and you better believe it was 2 years of heartache even though our reason was also due to his low sperm count. It counts!!

  2. Thank you Amanda. I just don't think he gets it. To him it's not the same, he was not counting his cycle every month. He was not the one who had to explain to family members that "yes, we are still trying". Or listen to his girlfriends say things like "if it can happen for me when we weren't even trying, it can happen for you".