Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ok, so I am terrible at taking my temp first thing in the morning. I always forget, I do other things and then remember to do it about a minute orr so after I wake up. So this cycle I thought that I had a bright idea to take my temp everday at the same time after sitting still on the couch for a while. Let me tell you, this does not work!

I let myself get all excited about my temps being so "high" this cycle. So after taking my temp the same way I have been all week I suddenly decided to take it again after I realized I had been lying still for about an hour. The temperature drop was almost a full degree, doh!

What I did realize from this cycle though is waiting to test does not work for me. I thought that waiting until I missed AF to test would help me be less obsessed, it didn't. In fact it made me obsess about every other way you could "tell". It made me check my temp in worng ways, it made me check my CP and CM every time I went to the bathroom, it made me obsess about non existant symptoms.

Next month I am just going back to testing early. At least when I do that I start to get jaded by 11DPO and I learn to accept the impending BFN much easier.

I know that this way is definitely not for everone, but it is what works for me.

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  1. heehee, i used to be awful at taking my temp in the mornings (i don't O, so no use anymore). i was tempted to take it in the evenings, but good to know that someone else tried it and it would've been a waste of time. good luck at dr's office. i used to get migraines and they suck!!!