Monday, March 1, 2010

We have more sperm!

We had our four month check up today and the results were as follows...

Volume 2.50
Density 21.60M/ml
Motility 40%
Forward progression 2.5

Total count 54.00M
Total motile 21.60M

Oval 30%
Amorphous 70%

Clumping 1
Round cells 4-5
Viscosity 2

The count for us, is amazing!!! I could not be happier!!! I was really hoping for anything over 10M, and we have 54M, I am ecstatic! I am slightly concerned about the viscosity issue, I'm not too sure what that means, but all in all I am overjoyed!


  1. That is an absolutely great SA!!! I almost can't believe the difference. I'm so happy!! Welcome to TTCing again :)

  2. I have been checking and checking and CHECKING this site to see what the results were! OMG, I think I am going to cry! I am so happy for you. I was so happy that I gasped and told DH, who also says congrats.

    I am absolutely amazed. I mean, who could have thought it would be THAT FANTASTIC!

    Please keep us all updated. I know you are leaving on your trip soon, and if you don't update, I will miss you :-) Especially with this kind of news. You have totally made my day!

    Praying for your miracle,

  3. Thank you all sooo much. We are just so happy. I think that it is finally setting in that we are actually allowed to "try". I can barely believe it.