Sunday, November 22, 2009

D day planned

So I called Dr. Lipshultz and rescheduled our appointment for Dec 28th. That is the BIG day!

At that appointment we will get another SA and we will find out if the medicine is working or not. We can consider the medicine a success if we see any sperm at all. Actually I was reading about another couple who's situation was very similar to ours and at this next visit they had two sperm. Two! Can you believe it! Hahaha, it is so funny that I would be ecstatic about two measly sperm.

Secretly, I am hoping for more then that of course. I would love to go in there and see him have a few million, but that's probably too optimistic. I don't know if hearing this other couples story is a good or a bad thing. Is it keeping me grounded or making me pessimistic?

I am also wrestling with whether or not to "try" next month. I know the the chances are VERY small that we could conceive naturally at this point, but do I want to give up on even the remotest possibility? I want to say no, that we should "try" no matter how inconceivable the chances but this ttc lark is hard on me. It really takes it's toll. I really don't want to put my self through any unnecessary pain. I guess I'll do what I think is right at the time, sigh*

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