Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gods plan

DH and I were having a discussion today about the difference between gods plan and free will. I asked him "how do you know the difference"? His response was that if you are following gods words then you are on his plan. That if you are on the wrong plan things wont work out, that god would let you know. My responce was that I have never felt like I was hearing gods approval or disapproval of my life, so how do I know?

I guess I have been thinking a lot about what gods plan is for us and for many other couples that I know that are ttc and battling infertility. I started thinking about it when a good friend of ours got his girlfriend pregnant and she decided to have an abortion. The pain and unfairness of it left me slightly bitter. I know that I have no place to question gods plan for anyone but I cannot make myself feel nothing about it. I realize that bad things happen to good people and that good things happen to bad people all the time. It doesn't mean that I have to be ok with it.

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