Monday, November 2, 2009

Money makes the world go round

Infertility is expencive. Always! No matter what part of IF you are dealing with it costs lots of money. Right now my DH is having to take medicine to "jump start" his body into producing sperm again. That is it. Just medicine, no IUI's, or IVF treatments, just medicine. Of course this medicine isn't covered on our insurance, go figure, so it is going to cost us $300 a month. $300 a month! I mean come on. It is pretty invasive too, a shot EOD. That cost doesn't even cover doctors visits, tests, etc. By the end of this it will end up costing us thousands of dollars.

Not that I am saying it's not worth it if the end result is a baby, but jeez, it is still a lot of money. That is before we even concider doing actual fertility treatments. That is before we even know if it will work at all. Arrrrrgggg!!!

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