Monday, November 16, 2009

Starting the medicine

So we finally got the medicine in the mail. I have got to say it was kind of scary looking. It came in a huge box with a giant bag of needles and a bio hazard bin to throw them away in. The medicine itself came in a tiny little box, in a tiny little jar, and was just a very mandane looking powder.

Dh must have been excited because I went to bed and he mixed it together right away. So far he has done two injections, which unfortunatly make his leg hurt quite a bit.

Dh is really optimistic about the medcine. He has all kinds of hopes about it. He hopes it will help him lose weight, he hopes it will make him feel healthier, he hopes it will increase his sex drive. I just hope that we will see at least one little spermie at our next check up.

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