Saturday, January 16, 2010


So I found out tonight (through a third party) that my sister is pregnant. My 24 year old, unmarried sister. Did I mention that my sister doesn't hardly work, doesn't own a house or a car, or have a drivers licence for tht matter. That she just signed up for school this semester and hasn't even set one foot in a classroom yet? Oh and btw, this sister is a lesbian so there is no way that this wasn't planned. And who knows who the father is, it could be anyone for all I know.

I went mental when I found out, she's knows all about my situation which is why I am sure she didn't tell me. I haven't called her.

I am just so hurt. Dh just doesn't understand why I am so upset. He just says that she is young and dumb and it has nothing to do with us, and since there is jack shit that I can do about it I should just get over it.

I am the oldest of seven children I have had to share everything my whole life and I just didn't want to share this! This was supposed to be mine, it was supposed to be my time. Now I'll never get to be the first girl pregnant. I'll never have that excitment. Our work friends have said it'll be fun you'll be pregnant together, Ha!

I know I am being selfish but I just can't help it I am completely devastated!


  1. I am SO sorry! It is always hard to hear pregnancy announcements, but this one takes the cake!
    My husband doesn't really understand how hard it is for me to hear about other pregnancies either, but he usually does have a more logical (read: unselfish) point of view about the situation. God gave us husbands for a reason... to drive us crazy and to blance us. Thank goodness!

  2. I am so sorry.... You must feel so many different emotions right now. I don't blame you for feeling livid, devastated, and anything else! Go have a good cry, then do something really nice for yourself.

  3. God, Sarah! I am so very sorry. I agree with "Road" .... go have yourself a good cry, take a nice hot bath, and do something nice for yourself.

  4. Thanks guys, I know it's selfish of me to be this upset, after all it is her life she is free to do what ever she wants with it, but I can't help it I am just so upset.

    I finally found out who the father is and I can't believe it. He is a complete doushe. Oh and also he has someone else knocked up right now too. Arrrrgggg!!!

    She called my Mom and told her that it was just a drunken mistake and can she please come all the way over here from Britain to help her out, can you believe the nerve?

    I just don't even know what to say, honestly.

  5. That really really bites!!!! I get annoyed when people get pregnant and more annoyed whey they are not ready or able to properly take care of a kid. It always feels like they don't deserve it. I'm so sorry - I guess I'm glad I only have brothers. Well even if she is the first to have a kid, just remember you'll probably be the better mommy.