Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We have blast off

That's right we dtd. We haven't actually dtd since Dec 11. I know it sounds weird that I remember the exact date but that's only because I had my big INS interview that day. So over a month! I was honestly getting really frustrated.

Dh woke up this morning and announced, "I'm horney". Ok so not the most romantic moment ever but it works for me, lol. His testosterone is coming back, yay! I know this because, and this is going to sound weird, it was kind of a quickie. We haven't been able to have anything remotely close to a quickie in at least 9 months. The drive just wasn't there like it used to be, but now, apparently, it is again!

So this is my weird ode to quickies, I guess. LOL

P.S. I actually got to mark down on the ff calendar...intercourse, lol. Good feeling.

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