Friday, January 22, 2010

Too much

This week has been incredibly stressful. There is just so much going on. I started back to school on Tuesday, which is great. I took last semester off so I have been dying to go back. Going to school isn't that stressful, just busy work, it's my car that is the problem. It is falling to pieces. It over heats if you are stopped at a red light, if you drive too slow, and if you hit traffic...forget about it. So driving back and forth to school has been a nightmare. I am trying to get another car but I have to send off for my title since someone broke into my car and stole mine. Also I haven't been able to renew my drivers licence for a long time since they wouldn't give me another one until my green card was finalized. So I recently learned that I have to retake my test! Can you believe it? I've been driving for ten years and they want me to take my test?

Ok so that is that. Then we have my sister's situation. I still haven't actually spoken to her. I sent her an Email to which she responded, I then responded back and have heard nothing else from her. I did text her the other day and suggest that since we were both on campus that we should meet up and talk. Her only response to this was that she had already left school, no suggestion of an alternative to where and when we could meet and talk was suggested so I didn't bother offering. I think that since I have offered correspondence three separate times now with minimal response that I am basically done trying. I mean there is only so much you can do, right?

Then we have the fact that my mother is here, to in theory help my sister out. meeting up with her and trying to find time to spend with her without my sister is silly and tedious. Then worrying about how it will go with them, sigh*

Then there is the fact that DH and I have been fighting all week long. He is frustrated with me that I missed days of work trying to avoid my sister last week. I know we needed the money but my emotions took over my reasoning there for a minute. I just feel like he isn't being understanding. He is offering no comfort or wisdom, just bitterness and hostility because he thinks my priorities are in the wrong place. The last thing I need right now is him causing me more stress.

Finally, I had me CD 21 blood test done today. I should find out if my progesterone levels are ok either tomorrow morning or sometime on Monday. After this it is definitely on to the HSG on CD 8 next month.

All of this stress has been making my back hurt. At least I assume that's why. My lower back has been killing me. At first I honestly thought it was a dtd injury, lol. But since it seems to have gotten worse everyday I think it must be stress. I have been taking baths every day to no avail.

So hopefully next month things will have calmed down. I guess that since my life is usually pretty laid back that I don't handle stress particularly well. So either I have to learn to cope with it better or things have to get a lot less chaotic real fast.

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