Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coming to terms with it

So I have sort of settled down about my sister getting pregnant. Well settled might be too strong a word, so would accepted. I am getting closer though.

The things that are stopping me are that she is still lying about this not being planned. Sh insists that it was a drunken accident, while I know through other people that a plan was put in place for custody before the act. Secondly that the man that she chose to father her child has another baby on the way by a different woman. I mean come on? Why would she chose that situation?

Anyway, I have come to terms with the fact that there is absolutely nothing I can do about any of this. I realize that while I may find the situation absurd that this is what she has chosen and it is a done deal now and nothing I can say, or yell, can change that. So why bother.

To this end I have sent her an Email saying that basically that while I may not agree with her choices I will be there for her.

Believe me that was not easy for me, at all, but it was really the only option that I have. I have to talk to her eventually and anything else I say will just push her away. I did add to this Email that she will have to understand that while I accept that she may do whatever she wants with her life she has to understand that it will probably take me a while to come around.

I guess I will wait and see about her responce.


  1. Hang in there. It's a tough situation you are in. I'd be upset if I were in your shoes too. Btw, I've awarded you the Lemonade Award.

  2. Thank you, That is so sweet, but I actually have no idea what the lemonade award is, lol.

  3. Ok, so I checked it out on your page and I understand now. Thank you so much for doing that, you have really made my night.

  4. I read the email you sent and I think you worded it really well. Hang in there - it's a crappy situation, but you're handling it the best you can.